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For thos curious about the future with Jeff retiring, there are a series of steps the Session will be guiding the congregation to take.

First, the Session will lead the initial step of having the congregation take an assement called "Holy Cow". It is an online survey of what the congregation is thinking about future leadership.

Paper copies will be available on two Sunday mornings to fill out and then will need to be submitted in electronic form.

Once compiled an interpret will come to visit the Session to explain what the congregation said are the highest values we hold, which will inform a mission statement.

Next up is the search for an interim pastor. someone who most likely lives in the region. That person will be contracted for a year to preach and lead the tranitional process while a Pastor Nominating Committee then begins the search for a permanent pastor.

Obviously the Session and the congregation will be looking for folks to serve who are high skill and deeply committed to the church and the process, who will be able to commit to a weekly schedule of meetings, online interviews, and eventually visiting other churches to hear candidates preach. 

While the interim search process is more open, the actuall search for the new pastor will be confidential, because in some cases the pastor under consideration is current serving another church that may not be aware they are searching.

In any case, lots of fun ahead. For process questions you can always ask Jeff.If your question needs more information he will be able to point you to oter resources. As always, pray for the Session and the process ahead!